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2024 Korean Culture Events Committee (KCEC) at Berklee

KCEC is a newly formed cross-club student committee that supports Berklee's K-pop efforts. Their main roles are planning and executing small to large-scale Korean culture-related events on and off campus. We are looking forward to assisting these individuals who go above and beyond.

KCSA (Korean Culture and Students Association)

  1. Nakyung Kang - President

    • Major: Music Education

  2. Jinny Yijin Kweon - Vice President

    • Major: Music Business

  3. Justin Jewon Kang - Operation Head

    • Major: MP&E / EPD

  4. Brayden Hyunho Lee - Treasurer

    • Major: Music Business

AAiME (Asian Americans in Music Entertainment)

  1. Grace Yeyoung Um - President

    • Major: Music Business

  2. Matthew Suchman - Secretary

    • Major: Performance/Music Therapy

  3. Liv Hirabayashi - Treasurer

    • Major: Music Business


  1. Belle Minju Pak - President

    • Major: Songwriting

  2. Olga Prepis - Vice President

    • Major: Professional Music (MB, SW, performance)

  3. Jenny Fan

    • Major: MP&E / Commercial Record Minor

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