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K-POP & Beyond

"Explore the Diverse and Vibrant World of K-Pop!"

Welcome to the Berklee Professional Music K-Pop & Beyond information site!

Your gateway to exploring the diverse and vibrant world of K-pop.

Berklee K-Pop & Beyond, launched in 2023, offers students an immersive experience in the K-pop industry through expert-led lectures, panel discussions, and performances. It aligns with the goals of the Professional Music Department by fostering experiential learning and encouraging community engagement in the realm of K-pop. This website aims to evolve into a comprehensive resource, covering all aspects of pan-Asian media and cultures.

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©2023 Mike Ritter: @mikeritter_photo

2024 Spring K-Pop & Beyond

Thank you to all participants and guest speakers! It was an incredible event and experience. See you all on October 2nd, 2024, for the 2024 Fall K-Pop and Beyond!


K-Pop Essays


Useful Resources

K-Pop Radar

We came across this YouTube channel called "K-Pop Radar," which is full of cutting-edge information.

It provides English subtitles, so non-Korean-speaking individuals can learn many useful things about K-Pop.

Please visit here to see more useful K-pop information!


©2024 Mike Ritter: @mikeritter_photo

Teddy Kent: @yellowhammer_productions

Carrigan Boynton: @b0ynton

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